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Induced Draft Cooling Tower

COOLFLOW Induced Draft Cooling Towers are manufactured with a complete range of up to 750 Tons in a Single Cell.
For Higher Capacity Cooling Towers, COOLFLOW is supplied with MULTICELL CONFIGURATION.

COOLFLOW Induced Draft Cooling Towers operate with Twin Headers, ensuring Uniform Distribution of Hot Water throughout the Cross Section of Fill Pack. The Hot Water Distribution is completely Gravity Flow. Other Induced Draft Round Bottle Shape Cooling Towers operate with moving Sprinkler & Branch Pipe, which always have more possibility of Blockage of Branch Pipes, thus, effecting Efficiency.

Higher capacity COOLFLOW Induced Draft Cooling Towers are provided with TWIN FANS & TWIN MOTORS. The Cooling Tower can be operated on Part Load by switching Off one Fan & Saving Energy. In case of Motor Break Down, the Cooling Tower can still be operated on Part Load, rather than being Shut Down.