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Water Treatment Chemicals For Cooling Tower

Coolflow practices thorough study of your system, &, accordingly prepare techno-commercial proposal for your site conditions.

Our proposal is prepared on following basis:

» In-depth study of your cooling water system.
» Cooling system data provided by you.
» Our wide & rich experience in treating water.

The products & services proposed are engineered to always enhance the value of your end product by:

» Improving Performance
» Lowering Operating Costs
» Save Energy Costs
» Prolonged equipment life
» Increase process efficiency

We are equipped to bring about improvements in the system, which consequently reduce cost of operations, improve your overall profitability & lay foundation for a solid & long term synergetic relationship. We have an extensive range of products & services for open circulating once through & closed loop systems.

Our range of Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Bio dispersants & Micro biocides ensure:

» Clean Heat Transfer Surface
» Corrosion Control
» Scale Inhibitor
» Microbiological & Fouling control

This results in:

» Reduced Water Usage
» Reduced Maintenance Costs
» Decreased Operating Costs